48000 a year is how much an hour after taxes

The after-home, after tax real wage of the worker in Brentwood.The weekly take-home pay for a 40-hour-a-week minimum-wage employee, after Social Security and Medicare taxes.

Service, experience levels, hours of operation and availability vary,.But we would be living in a respectable and comfortable home in Southern California, with four insured cars in the garage, and presentable clothes on our backs.

In fact, I spent a good portion of my life pinching pennies to make ends meet.How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt Quickly (No Matter What You Owe).

$65000/year or $2500 every two weeks: If I claim 3

Also, my car maintenance is a solid 840 a year (I do my own everything as far as cars go), not including tires (I have ones I expect will last a while).

I suspect almost all of them adhere to my mantra that it all starts with personal responsibility.I cannot comment on many of the other posts, not knowing the cost of living where they are, but I am very familiar with Tennessee.But what you and many other people are failing to take into account is the state of the economy on the average John and Jane Doe.All I see on craigslist that goes for 600 are in Rogers Park, Uptown and South Side ( the rough parts may I add).The waiting list for help with housing in Philadelphia for example is almost 10 years and priority goes to people with no incomes way before this hypothetical couple.Answers to the question, A Cop Makes 30,000 A Year How Much Would You Make Each Month.

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I worked for over 20 years but retired at forty because I loved what I did yet hated having a job.A Frugal Fact: The 6 Most Valuable Grocery Store Products Known to Man.

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One stock market crash away from you wasting your 30s collecting cans and blogging.

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People want what people on tv have and what their friends have or do what their friends do.However, it IS costly to commmute, and there are no carpool options.Each year, people must file a tax return with the. the taxpayer must be able to calculate his taxes. How to Calculate Federal Income Tax for a Single Person.In that article, I specifically asked my readers to consider this question.Being born many decades ago was a very clear advantage in America.

A $15 An Hour Minimum Wage Would Be a $17,500 A Year Tax

Not counting state and city taxes, Medicare tax, SSI, etc. which no one gets back, unpaid sick time, holiday closures, etc.