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The trick this day in age is to buy EVERYTHING with a credit card.Best Buy will be the first retailer to stock the. methods and we are looking to exchange.You qualified to be an elite member for free. its just the perks you get for being a loyal customer.

To help sell its new watch, Apple turns to old frenemy. with the Securities and Exchange. a matter of time that Best Buy would sell Apple Watches.I repeated three or four times to that cashier that if it is possible to get the refund in gift card then only go for this otherwise not.

Went to Best Buy on September 21 which was 18 days after i purchased a HP Pavilion Quad-Core on September 3,2015.Analysts, however, are concerned about Apple Watch sales. In Oct., after Cook made his comments, analysts reduced their average shipment estimates for the fourth quarter down to 3.95 million—20,000 units less than they had anticipated in the third-quarter consensus.The best buy customer service person told me we only had 15 days to return it.

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Since December 7th I have called BB every Monday and every Monday they told me the refund will hit my account in 3 to 5 business day.In some cases, they may turn out to be true, and in others, they are completely false.I purchased a Apple Watch paid for the extended warranty and all.

Best Buy never disclosed its policy of trapping customers with a refusal to accept returns.They received the item 2 weeks ago and I have yet to receive my refund that should have been issued within 3 to 5 business days.I ordered online and I went through 25 levels of hell to return my item by mail.Check out the MacBook Pro, iMac Pro, MacBook, iMac, and more.I do not live near a store, which is why I ordered online in the first place.The only way to fix this was to turn off the TV and turn back on.

Was flatly refused and told my 5 days for an exchange was expired and Best Buy would do nothing and could offer no assistance.This store chain had lost a lot of customers on its bad policies of refunds and exchanges.In this file photo, shoppers gather around a display for the Apple ipad mini inside of a Best Buy store during their Black Friday sale which started at midnight on.All because YOU did not check their refund policy before you bought.

Source: courtesy of Apple Inc.Best Buy had its Black Friday summer sale as well as a disappointing quarter.If they stop the 2 year replacement program I will have no reason to shop there anymore.I noticed this before it was delivered and contacted their customer service.Store credit was my only option because I was passed the 15 days of the ORIGINAL purchase date.Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly cited strong demand for Apple Watch in the first weeks of its availability in his stores.Now i own 2 batterys for a drone that malfunctioned and was returned.The associates and the company you should probably do your research.I bought several iPads for my extended families along with some accessories.I got home and the next day noticed it wasnt listing yet on my apple profile(MySupportProfile) however, was logged in under So, I called Apple.

He was so rude and so cocky, I can see why Best Buy is doing so poorly.

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They are worthless and I can see why they are closing stores.The store gave me this written statement on a receipt: Best Buy is committed to providing you the best possible Factory Warranty experience.

The employee who sold it did not say to return it in 15 days, you have to read all of your receipt.My husband asked her why, as we had purchased the broken TV from them, the receipt states a 30 day return policy for elite members and nowhere in the receipt does it state a 3 day policy for damaged product.Best Buy, Target and eBay want you to splurge for an Apple Watch for Black Friday 2015 or Cyber Monday 2015.A solid e-mail app is essential for Apple Watch users. Exchange, Office 365, and.The TV was still in the wrapping with the stickers on it, obviously never used.With any return or exchange, you must present a photo identification.

Went to return a duplicate video game with the receipt at Best Buy.The store refused to provide me with anything other than store credit as in their system it showed that the item was delivered to me twice.Guy on here itchin about a microwave he purchased 4 months earlier.

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I purchased an 43inch Insignia TV that after 2 months just stop.

Earlier this month, research firm Wristly released a study on the reasons Apple Watch owners may stop using the smartwatch.Want You To Know They Take Returns Without A Receipt. at any time beyond the return and exchange window for store credit.I recently bought a HP laptop and it had problems within a week of buying it, so I wanted to exchange for the same exact computer just one that worked rig ht.You can return or exchange mobile phones and other carrier connectable devices within 14 days for a full refund.