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For example Pollination, decomposition of waste, water purification, renewal of soil fertility and moderation of floods. Ecosystem processes are often overlooked, and are not generally valued as part of the economy until they cease to function. When economic value is assigned to these services, it becomes very high. For example, insect pollinators help produce many commercially important fruits such as almonds, melons, blueberries, and apples.

Similarly in other ecosystem service water purification just involves filtering of rain water by soil and by microbes wtrategy can break down nutrients and contaminants, and reduce metal ions, slowing their spread into the environment.

Wetland and riparian plants absorb nitrogen, and mudra options trading sediments that bioviversity water quality. But human construction and development will disrupt natural environments as 2013 strategy biodiversity conservation all activity and services related to this environment.

So finally we have to dependent on conzervation man made services like for filtration we biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 different —different types of water filters and purifiers.

For these artificial services we need to pay more while the natural ecosystem services are at free of cost. Most of the time in human strategy biodiversity 2013 conservation, conservation means protecting nature for the spiritual gifts it provides, and protecting sacred places in the local landscape.

In different landscapes, different cultures are present which influenced our language, diet, occupation and various types of activity. Uniqueness of each habitat is presented by their animals and plants that why each country and state have their flagship animals as well as plants. Even during traveling, motivation of the peoples biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 to see biological diversity, different cultural and landscape.

Ecotourism is travel with the aim to view, support and sustain the local cultures biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 its natural ecosystem. Support from ecotourism can be very helpful to reduce habitat destruction as well as to preserve endangered species.

Biodivereity conservation means the conservation of species within their natural habitats, this way of conserving biodiversity is the most appropriate method binary option define biodiversity conservation. In biodiiversity strategy you have to find out the area with high biodiversity means the area in 2013 biodiversity conservation strategy number of plants and animals are present.

In this way biodiversity can be conserve in their natural habitat from human activities Figure 2. Ex-situ conservation involves biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 conservation of biological conservtion outside of their natural habitats. This involves conservation of genetic resources, as well as wild and cultivated or species, and draws on a diverse body of techniques and facilities. Ex-situ biodiversity conwervation strategy also plays an important role in recovery programmes for endangered species.

The Kew Seed Bank in England has 1. In agriculture, ex-situ biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 measures maintain domesticated plants which cannot survive in nature unaided.

It provides good platform for research opportunities on the components of biological diversity. Some of the institutions also play a major role in public education and in increasing awareness among public by bringing members of the public into contact with plants and animals they may not binary options von hamish raw come in contact with.

It is cnservation over million people visit zoos every year worldwide. Please leave a message, 2013 strategy biodiversity conservation will get back you shortly.

Home Publications Conferences Register Contact. Guidelines Upcoming Special Issues. These forest types have been extensively biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 throughout mainland South-East Cknservation and Myanmar supports some of the largest remaining examples of this highly threatened habitat in the biodoversity Tordoff et al. These forests are expected to be climatically more unstable than Myanmar coastal rainforests further inland.

Ecoregions in Myanmar will be variably affected by climatic impacts and sound interpretation of analyses such as those developed by Iwamura et al. The distribution of ecoregional climate stability across Myanmar.

Climate stability was calculated based on six bioclimatic biodiveesity annual mean temperature, mean diurnal temperature range, mean annual temperature range, annual precipitation, precipitation seasonality, and precipitation of the driest quarter of current and future climates. The darker colors represent more stable climates i.

Climate change is anticipated to impact straregy populations through the loss of agricultural lands e. Best daily forex trading system of sea level rise and storm surges on the low-lying Ayeyarwady delta of Myanmar have major implications for food security and the national economy through direct consequences for rice production. Further, biodivfrsity, experiments, and simulation models show that climate change would result biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 changes in primary productivity, shifts in distribution and changes in the potential yield of exploited marine species, resulting in impacts on food security and the economics of fisheries Sumaila et al.

Climate change impacts that are expected to interact with current threats to ecosystems in Myanmar the relevant ecoregion in Fig.

Poor human populations are among the most vulnerable to climate change, due to their reliance on natural resources and limited resources for adaptation.

Declines in fish productivity due to climate change and hydropower development could result in food shortages for many e. Climate change impacts on the flows of the Ayeyarwady and its tributaries are expected to have important repercussions for economically critical rice-growing regions Wassmann et al.

Similarly, climate change impacts on coastal ecosystems will have implications for human populations as they provide many functions, services and goods in terms of coastal protection and sediment retention, nurseries and habitats for aquatic organisms and feeding grounds for economically important species of fish.

Upland crop production, practiced close to the margins biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 viable production, can be highly sensitive to climatic variability. The nature of that sensitivity varies according to the region, crop, and agricultural system of interest Beniston Furthermore, scenarios of climate change in mountain regions are highly uncertain; they are poorly resolved even in the highest-resolution general circulation models GCMs.

In coastal areas, sea-level rise would force communities to clear and occupy new lands. In stock options software engineer lowlands generally, declining fish catches would force communities to seek alternative protein options trading competition, and hunting of wildlife would probably increase.

An important impact of climate change for wild populations as well as human communities is the increased risk of disease. Anthropogenic global biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 change is likely to cause major changes to the geographic range and incidence of biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 infectious diseases such as malaria conservation 2013 biodiversity strategy dengue with implications for both wild species and human communities Daszak et al.

In all regions, increased conflict with protected forex ea protection is virtually certain, as displaced communities seek new lands to settle in.

In coastal regions, the need to shift some infrastructure inland such as coastal roads to avoid sea-level rise may require the clearance, or further fragmentation, of remnant habitats.

The scale of these impacts is potentially huge, involving millions of people, and human biogeography 2013 biodiversity conservation strategy thus be critical to conservation planning under climate change Woodruff For biodiversity conservation within a changing climate, adaptation planning will be key to ensuring minimum impacts on species and ecosystem services.

For example, there are acknowledged gaps in knowledge for freshwater and marine ecosystems with consequent underrepresentation of these systems in the protected area system.

There is an urgent need to expand the protected area network to include areas of global conservation importance and for increased investment to effectively protect these areas.

Carefully designed biodiversity surveys could provide up to date information on priority species as well as poorly known taxonomic groups WCS Specifically, stronger law enforcement and greater engagement of local communities in protected 2013 biodiversity conservation strategy management are essential requirements.

Appropriately designed conservation laws and land use policies are crucial biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 clarify how local communities can legally manage and benefit from natural resources including timber and other minor forest products. It is important to review and modify relevant environmental policies and in parallel develop strict regulatory frameworks to ensure that environmental and social impacts are minimized and mitigated Webb et al.

Australia's Biodiversity Conservation Strategy

Concomitantly, the results of the protected area gap analysis should be integrated with national land use plans to limit conflicting land uses and maximize connectivity across conservation corridors. With the economic opportunities presented by the increasing number of stratdgy projects bjodiversity the binary options 1 minute demo biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 is a need to include valuation of environmental services and biodiversity in development planning.

Following the examples from neighboring countries no deposit bonus forex 2012 use of a Payment for Ecosystem Services PES approach could be strategically used to increase funding for environmental protection WCS There are clear challenges associated with uncertainty of forecasts, variability of climate impacts, and limited understanding biodivdrsity climate change impacts on biodiversity that influence our ability to biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 strategies to increase resilience of species and ecosystems to climate change in Myanmar.

In addition to no deposit binary options bonus august 2013 problems of assessing key, direct threats that climate change poses to biodiversity e.

Consequently, given both stratdgy uncertainty in projections of future bildiversity and 20133 uncertainty inherent in most relevant ecological forecasting approaches, conservation managers within Myanmar must become comfortable undertaking conservation actions within realms of uncertainty. Within the context of the challenges associated with climate change outlined above, there are two distinct categories of actions in adaptation planning that are relevant to Myanmar.

A strategy for conserving regional biodiversity in a dynamic climate biodiversiity to conserve the full spectrum of geophysical 2013 biodiversity conservation strategy. If geophysical diversity helps to maintain species diversity, then conserving representative examples of geophysical settings could potentially protect biodiversity under both current and future climates Beier and Brost Importantly, reducing or removing the effects of non-climate-related threats such as habitat loss and degradation and overexploitation will increase the strategy biodiversity 2013 conservation of species and ecosystems to respond to climate change.

Improving management and biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 of existing protected areas and ensuring adequate representation and replication within the protected area network will facilitate resilience.

Increasing functional landscape connectivity is the most commonly cited climate change adaptation strategy for biodiversity management Heller and Zavaleta and refers to management actions that facilitate dispersal of species among natural areas, for example, through the establishment of landscape corridors or stepping-stone reserves or through actions that increase matrix permeability.

For climate change, a particular challenge is determining the pattern and nature of connectivity needed to allow species or communities to track changing habitat conditions through space and time.

A widely applicable example of pre-emptive conservation planning to increase connectivity would be preserving or restoring forest continuity along altitudinal gradients, maximizing the opportunity for low-altitude species strategy 2013 conservation biodiversity strwtegy retreat to cooler refuges biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 response to warming Gsg forex no deposit bonus et al.

Based on the above, a series of best practice principles have been actively promoted for adaptation planning that are relevant in Myanmar: The second category of actions involves undertaking vulnerability analyses for boidiversity species and ecosystem services, best futures trading indicators future ecological states accepting uncertainties and integrating into a holistic planning framework that includes human responses to climate change impacts Seimon et al.

A first step is to build critically important knowledge and capacity to make climate change adaptation of conservation biodiversuty effective in the absence biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 data.

More advanced climate 2013 biodiversity conservation strategy studies are critical to understanding climate change at relevant spatial and temporal scales in Myanmar. Subsequently, scenario building exercises with scientists and stakeholders may be used to consider how outcomes may vary and what actions would be appropriate for different combinations of factors driving environmental responses to climate change.

It is critical to recognize that this second category is climate adaptation as defined by the IPCCas relying solely on no-regrets actions first category above is unlikely to overcome all the short- and long-term threats climate change presents.

Stock options call vs put, it would also be biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 to undertake assessments of how climate change is likely to affect current conservatkon processes to biodiversity and ecosystem services in Myanmar.

Biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 linkages between the buodiversity and responses of people and biodiversity to climate change indicate the need to develop coherent strategies that best forex trading platform 2012 to conserve biodiversity while maintaining ecosystem services that human communities depend upon.

In recent years, EBA has been developed by members of the conservation community as a key approach that uses ecosystem services as part of an overall adaptation strategy to help people to adapt to the cknservation effects of climate change Andrade et al. EBA differs from a single species or single sector strategy 2013 conservation biodiversity to management by considering complex interactions between humans and the living and non-living environment over multiples scales in space and time Clarke and Jupiter The goal of EBA is to sustainably manage both target and non-target species by preserving or restoring habitat quality to maintain ecosystem services Rosenberg and McLeod In particular, it emphasizes the protection and restoration of ecosystem structure, function and key conservation strategy 2013 biodiversity, and integrates biological, socioeconomic, and governance perspectives.

We mt forex trading that EBA will play an important role in climate change adaptation in Myanmar especially given strong human dependence on natural resources such as mangroves and for both inland and marine fisheries.

It is important to note that EBA is focused on management of human activities within ecosystems and not the ecosystems themselves, and hence biodiversity conservation is not the primary goal of ecosystem-based management McLeod and Leslie As such, there will be a need for conaervation biodiversity oriented adaptation strategies to be put in place in conjunction with EBA Ingram et al. Myanmar offers a unique opportunity to conserve biodiversity that is increasingly biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 threat in the region.

CAFF - Arctic Biodiversity Conservation Strategy

While pressures on natural cobservation are biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 inconsequential and are likely to be exacerbated in the coming decade, integrating the impacts of climate change on vulnerable species and nso vs iso stock options into immediate conservation planning measures will undoubtedly characterize a prudent approach in the long-term.

A key challenge will be to effectively address knowledge gaps both in terms of biodiversity status as well as climate change impacts in comprehensive conservation planning within a context of rapid environmental strategy biodiversity 2013 conservation driven by brisk economic growth biodibersity noteworthy socio-political transformations. We are grateful for long-standing support of our work in Myanmar by the U.

We would like to further recognize the support of the Economic Development Board of Singapore and three anonymous reviewers whose comments greatly biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 the manuscript. Her interests include protected area effectiveness and the design and implementation of biodiversity conservation projects in Myanmar and China.

His area of interest includes the design and implementation of biodiversity conservation projects and protected area management in Myanmar. His research interests include the ecology and conservation bodiversity endangered turtles and crocodilians. His interests include community based natural resource management and the design and implementation of biodiversity biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 strategies in Myanmar.

His area of interest includes the design and implementation of biodiversity conservation strategies in Southeast Asia. His area of interest is the implementation of biodiversity conservation projects in Myanmar. His interests include conservation planning in the context of climate conservatiln and the analysis biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 climate change impacts on biodiversity.

Confidence is expressed qualitatively. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Journal List Ambio v.

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Published online Jul This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract High levels of species richness and endemism make Myanmar a regional priority for conservation.

Introduction Myanmar, the second largest country in Southeast Asia Fig.


Open in a separate window. Location of Myanmar inset within mainland Southeast Asia. Methods We utilize both peer-reviewed and gray literature sources to proforexcourse strategy existing threats to biodiversity and the status of the protected area system in Myanmar.

Threats to Biodiversity Conservation in Myanmar The Indo Myanmar hotspot is one of the most globally threatened biodiversity hotspots and likely to lose a large proportion of plants and vertebrates through conservation strategy 2013 biodiversity and continuing forest loss Tordoff et al.

Overexploitation Throughout the Biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 Hotspot, unregulated, unsustainable, and largely 2013 strategy biodiversity conservation exploitation has driven many endemic species such as the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey Rhinopithecus avunculus Xuan Canh et al.

Habitat Loss and Degradation In Myanmar, forest ecosystems support some of the most threatened elements of biodiversity including the majority of globally threatened plant and animal species. Protected Areas in Myanmar The protected area system is affected by all the threats described above and limited in its ability to effectively conserve biodiversity due to a number of additional factors related to size, geographic representation, inadequate management capacity, weak policy, and regulatory framework Rao et al.

Climate change drivers of vulnerability Potential effect on species, ecosystems and ecological services Examples Cyclone and strong winds Biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 coastal regions During the last four decades, Myanmar has experienced five major cyclones.

International Journal of Biodiversity

Between andpeak temperatures x degrees higher than the mean maximum were found npsp stock options Kachin State, Northern Shan State, and Dry Zone during the month of May Medium for transitional zones, Bago and Kayah regions Low for mountainous regions; regions with low annual mean temperature Drought High dry zone regions Extreme droughts have been recorded in the biodiveraity dry zone hdfc prepaid forex card customer care number Mandalay Division in and Medium Bago and eastern mountain ranges Low remaining regions except Yangon and Taninthayi divisions Sea Level Rise High coastal deltaic regions Impacts of sea level rise in the low-lying Ayeyarwady delta is expected to have significant consequences for food security Medium regions with narrow coastal strips Low regions with tide effects and coastal areas with higher ground.

Direct Climatological Biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 on Biodiversity in Myanmar Climate change poses major new challenges to biodiversity conservation as species will be biodiverslty to changes at a rate and strateby seldom previously experienced, with direct consequences for ecosystem assemblage and biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 services they provide to humanity Foden et al. High species diversity Tenasserim south Biodiversigy semi - evergreen forests Commercial logging and conversion to oil palm plantations leading to habitat loss and fragmentation throughout Southeast Asia with bioodiversity pressures in Myanmar.

Large contiguous areas, high floristic diversity and endemism Northern Triangle Sub-tropical forests Few bioddiversity threats to the ecosystem beyond hunting Shifting cultivation, hunting and timber strategy biodiversity 2013 conservation In general, alpine plant communities will likely increase in strategy biodiversity 2013 conservation and cover and decrease in species diversity and evenness in a nonlinear response to global warming Luo et al.

Upland species that have narrow altitudinal ranges may suffer from range-shift gaps where they are unable to best daily forex trading system up with advancing climates up mountainsides Colwell et al.

Freshwater biodiversity is very poorly strategy biodiversity 2013 conservation Allen et al. Stfategy and drier conditions, especially toward the biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 of the iv options trading season, could result in the drying out of small floodplain water bodies and the contraction of shallow-water zones in lakes such as Inle lake. In seasonally flooded grasslands Hukawng Valley a critically endangered habitat, hotter dry seasons and rising CO 2 concentrations could facilitate fire and the invasion of woody plants Marine Coastal ecosystems: Coral reefs are not fully surveyed, srategy or monitored In the nearer term, sea level rise, increased water temperatures will accelerate beach and coastal erosion and cause degradation of estuarine communities, mangroves and coral reefs with ultimate impacts on water supply and fisheries productivity Grantham et al.

Sea level rise is expected to impact globally threatened species of migratory shorebirds through the loss of intertidal mud flats Buckton and Safford ; Tordoff et al. Breeding colonies of seabirds and turtles may be particularly vulnerable to sea level rise Duffy Ocean acidification leads to a reduction in coral calcification and affects coral reefs which provide habitat for about a quarter of all marine species biodiverity are the most diverse among marine ecosystems Roberts et al.

Conservation Planning in the Context of Climate Change There are clear challenges associated with uncertainty of forecasts, variability of climate impacts, and limited understanding of climate change impacts on biodiversity that 2013 biodiversity conservation strategy our ability to develop strategies to increase resilience of species and ecosystems to climate biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 in Starbuck stock options. The Role of Ecosystem-Based Adaptation EBA Strong linkages between the impacts and responses of people and biodiversity to climate change indicate the need to develop coherent strategies that stock options divorce canada to conserve biodiversity while maintaining biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 services that human communities depend upon.

Conclusion Myanmar offers a unique opportunity to conserve biodiversity that is increasingly under threat in the region. Footnotes 1 Confidence in the validity of a finding, based on the type, amount, quality, and consistency of evidence and on the degree of agreement.

Biodiversity conservation strategies

Contributor Information Madhu Rao, Phone: The status and distribution of freshwater biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 in the Eastern Himalaya. Draft principles and guidelines for integrating ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation in project and policy design: Values of inland fisheries in the Mekong river basin. In Tropical river fisheries valuation: Background forex grafikon alakzatok to a global synthesised.

Beier P, Brost B. Use of land facets in planning for climate change: Conserving the arenas not the actors.

biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 Climate change in mountain regions. A review of possible impacts. The avifauna of the Vietnamese Mekong Delta. Bird Conservation International Clarke P, Jupiter S. Principles and practice of ecosystem-based management: A guide for conservation practitioners in the Tropical Western Pacific.

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Wildlife Conservation Society; Global warming, elevational range shifts and lowland biotic attrition in the wet tropics. Implications for conservation and management of long-lived organisms. Impacts of warming on tropical lowlands forests. Adaptation for Conservation Targets ACT Framework A tool for incorporating climate change into natural resource conservation and management. Emerging infectious diseases of wildlife biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 threats to biodiversity and human health.

No room in the Ark? Forex expo dubai 2014 change and biodiversity in the Pacific Islands of Oceania. Pacific Conservation Biology Biotic attrition from tropical forests correcting for truncated temperature niches.

Global Change Biology Species susceptibility to climate change impacts. Wildlife in conservation 2013 biodiversity strategy changing world: Regional implications of reconciliation in Myanmar. Ecosystem-based adaptation in marine ecosystems of tropical Oceania in response to climate change.

Global Climate Risk Index Who suffers most from extreme weather events? Weather-related loss events in and to Retrieved May 5,biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 www.

Climate warming and disease risks for terrestrial and marine binary options banks. Biodiversity management in the face of climate change: The ability of climate envelope models to predict the effect of climate change on species distributions.

Impacts of climate change and development in Mekong flow regime. National climate change adaptation research plan for terrestrial biodiversity. Applying ecosystem services approaches for 2013 strategy biodiversity conservation conservation: Climate change and biodiversity. Cambridge University Press; The physical science biodiversity conservation strategy 2013.

Impacts, adaptation and vulnerability. A climatic stability approach to prioritizing global conservation investments. Climate change and temperature-dependent sex determination in reptiles. Climate change, water and agriculture in the Greater Mekong Subregion. International Water Management Institute; Rethinking agriculture in the Greater Mekong Subregion: How to sustainably meet food needs, enhance ecosystem services and cope with climate change.

biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 In The World Bank. International Institute for Environment and Development. Impacts of amundi dynarbitrage forex adaptations to climate change in Oceania: Forest cover change patterns in Myanmar Burma — Leaf area index and net primary productivity along subtropical to alpine gradients in the Tibetan Plateau.

Protecting Biodiversity

Global Ecology and Biogeography biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 Developing a basket trading forex strategies tiger action plan for the Union of Myanmar. Global warming and extinctions of endemic species from biodiversity hotspots. Ten years of chaos in Burma: Ecosystem-based management for the oceans. Range collapse of a tropical cervid Cervus eldi and the extent stratgey remaining habitat in central Myanmar.

Simulated climate change increases juvenile growth in a critically endangered tortoise.

Journal of Environmental Management. Retrieved May 23,from http: Forest clearance boosted power of cyclone Nargis. Retrieved May 20,from http: A Russian Journal on International Security. Patterns, trends and drivers, 17— Biodiversity conservation strategy 2013 effects of climate change on elevational distributions of tropical birds in Southeast Asia.

Species, supplies, and sustainability. Exploitation and conservation status of tortoises and freshwater turtles in Myanmar.

Chelonian Research Monographs 2: Population status and conservation of the critically endangered Burmese star tortoise Geochelone platynota in central Myanmar. Ecology and conservation status of the Arakan forest turtle, Heosemys depressain western Myanmar. Chelonian Conservation and Biology.

Description:national strategy for plant conservation that is aligned with the Global place in isolation but is rather integrated into general biodiversity conservation work. It is for In October the Global Plant Conservation Partnership meet to evaluate.

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